‎⁨Pearcedale⁩ Room Divider Installation

Room Divider Installation Next To Cranbourne

We recently installed a room divider (A500 series)  in ‎⁨Pearcedale⁩, ⁨Victoria⁩ to close off a kitchen area. Before this we had never heard of ‎⁨Pearcedale⁩ which is a wonderful township north of the Mornington Peninsula. As you’ll find when visiting Pearcedale it’s surrounded by horse and hobby properties, market gardens, cattle, egg and poultry farms and one of the largest herb gardens in the southern hemisphere, Coolibah Herbs.

Four Door Installation – 2 Fixed – 2 Active

The installation was a 4 panel door  (2 fixed, 2 active) in the opening with 50% access. This means two doors on either side are fixed and the middle two doors open which is a very popular way of treating an opening such as this. It’s also the type of installation where there is no room to install room dividers on the face of the wall. Installing wall facing doors can only be installed if you have the room and don’t have wall hangings (paintings etc) or furniture that might get in the way.

Pearcedale room divider install

The doors have a white translucent finish and is two pieces of glass laminated together. The glass is 6.30 millimetres thick making it a very strong and durable door and in the event that it might be damaged the laminate holds the glass together similar to a windscreen on a car. This is a safety feature so glass doesn’t shard or fly out everywhere in case some takes a hammer to the room divider.

pearcedale room divider

Weight Considerations With A Room Divider

We can go thicker with the glass, up to 10 millimetres in thickness but this is often determined by the weight of the door. If the door is too big and heavy the track and fittings won’t be able to cope with the weight. We like to keep our doors down to about 54 kilos so if its a big door we may drop the thickness of the glass down to 4 millimetre, frosted glass.

The door panels can be replaced but we have never had to replace any panels in the 15 years we have be in operation. All the glass we use is laminated or toughened so replacement is never really an issue.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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