3 Types Of Popular Room Dividers Uses

Permanent Room Dividers

Which ever type of room you want to enclose we have three types of room dividers to suit any need. There is a close relationship between a sliding door and a room divider that I’ll explain later. Just remember though these are not a room partition or a portable piece of furniture. Most results from the search term “room dividers” are larger department type stores selling a multitude of variations on portable dividers from tiny door way partitions to the larger office partitions you would find at an open planned environment.

Room Divider Type One

Our most popular room dividers are ones that create a wall where there isn’t one. Many times these room dividers can be opened but this is rare. Customers have found they want to reshape their living areas or cut off a room to create two or hide some undesirable part of an existing room. These type of room dividers are practical and clients want the room divider to sink in to the surrounding living areas and not stand out too much.


Room Divider Type Two

The next type of room dividers that are popular are large sliding doors. These “doors” normally shut a room off from the rest of a home and can be any size up to about 2.7m square without too much trouble. The great thing about these sliding doors is they need no bottom track and don’t take up much room as they don’t open out like a standard door. The sliding doors with all their finish options can also be used in wardrobes. Some Wardrobe doors cover a large surface area so these room dividers are perfect for replacing your existing wardrobe doors if you need to.

Room Divider Type Three

Room Dividers can be used as a feature and really add to the aesthetics of your room such as you might find with a Shoji screen (or Shoji Sliding Door). You can paint our sliding doors any colour you wish (although this will add to the cost) or add glass panelling or maybe you have come up with another idea. We have had quite a few clients use their room divider as a feature wall or match their smaller sliding door with furniture and fittings. If you are on a budget then veering too far artistically might cost you more but talk to Leigh Robinson first so you get an idea of costs.

room divider shoji

If you want a permanent solution for a room divider then you’re in the right place. We don’t do partitions however that’s a different ball game entirely.

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Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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