7 Reasons To Get A Room Divider

Room Dividers For Renovators

If you are thinking of renovating no matter whether it’s your whole house or just a few rooms now is a great opportunity to focus on the best use of the space you have. A room divider can help your renovations so here are our top 7 reasons to get you thinking.

  1. Energy Efficiency – In summer you want to shut everything up to keep warm and in winter you want to keep cool. A room divider is an efficient insulator allowing you to control large areas of your home without the cool or warm air escaping.
  2. Lighting Your Home – Room dividers can include inserts that let the light in so just because a room divider maybe closed natural light can still enter so your home remains bright and cheery.
  3. Privacy but at no cost – following on from the lighting aspect the glass inserts can let in the light but have a translucent affect so you can see in but it still passes light. Bright but private, perfect!
  4. European design – yes you have probably heard this before but our sliding doors and room dividers have a uniquely designed roller system that doesn’t require a bottom track. This means they glide beautifully without getting stiff or difficult to close.
  5. Style with elegance – the chose of inserts and combinations of acrylic and glass is mind boggling. There is so much to choose from and the combination choices are over 3000. From your basic white sliding door to a bespoke colour range. In the end its the choice can match nearly an existing decor.
  6. Saving space – traditional doors swing out and take up way too much room but room dividers can align with your walls and in some cases disappear into the wall cavity. Also we do have a bi-folding door option that also folds away neatly.
  7. Ebb and flow – with a room divider, much like traditional Japanese homes, can control the space around you especially if your home is open planned. You can have your home open and breezy say for an event or closed and private for watching a movie.

As you can see a room divider gives you plenty of options for your living space so if you are renovating call Leigh Robinson before you begin to discuss your options.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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