7 Tips For A Shoji Screen & Door Installation

Shoji Doors & Shoji Screens  In Geelong

We recently installed Shoji screens and doors in an amazing apartment complex in Mercer Street Geelong.
The client wanted to make something of stock standard doors in the apartment but adding a contemporary Asian feel to the apartment. The Shoji screens were manufacture with a wooden frame and opaque patterned inserts, matching through out the apartment. This means they let in light but retained the privacy of a closed door.

As one Shoji Expert explained:

“What makes the Japanese traditional style so unique is defining vertical timbers running across the face of the unit. This creates a clean, symmetrical effect, giving any space a sense of subtle order and calm.”


Installation In Your Apartment

If you are thinking of installing Shoji doors and screens in your apartment here are a few tips to help you choose.

  1. There are is a choice of patterned inserts available to choose from (see point 7 below)
  2. The wooden frame can be painted any colour you wish or you can choose a wood grain finish (the most popular) from available swatches.
  3. Many installations have  doors that are non standard sizes so we can make your Shoji doors and screens fit.
  4. The Shoji doors and screens (or room dividers) can all match giving you and consistent feel throughout.
  5. Shoji screens are subtle in their nature (and reduce glare) and can add a calming effect to each of your apartment rooms.
  6. Depending on your space Shoji screens can be manufactured as
    • Sliding Doors
    • Cavity Sliding Doors
    • Bi-fold Freestanding Screens
    • Bi-Fold Doors
    • Hinged Doors
    • Fixed Wall Partitions
    • Retractable Translucent Doors
  7. The Shoji Screen inserts are Japan Rice Polycarbonate. The inserts mimic rice paper that was originally used in traditional Japanese homes with various translucent properties.Opal Acrylic 80% translucent.Pearl Acrylic – 50% translucent.Ice Acrylic – frosted glass with 80% transparency.Frost Ice Acrylic – frosted matt finish on one side and a gloss on the other. – 80% translucent.

    Clear Acrylic – completely transparent

    Light Block – no transparency – opaque finish.

    Cloud Acrylic – a cloudy sky/matte finish – 50% translucent.

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Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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