Room Dividers & Sliding Doors For Your Clients

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We Provide A Custom Room Divider Service Here In Victoria And Are Looking For AGENTS Australia Wide.

Our unique room divider systems cater for different requirements and openings a client may have. These systems are high quality and easily adaptable to most situations.

You purchase the system hardware from us and the glass or melamine inserts from a local supplier including any powder coating required. This will give your business an extra service to generate income.

This is a great business opportunity as there are not many custom room divider services in Australia for clients to choose from.

7 Reasons To Consider Adding A Room Divider Service

  1. Its a great way of generating extra revenue if you are already providing an installation service.
  2. We have been doing this successfully in Victoria for the past 10 years and can provide you with the technical help to get started.
  3. We also know how to sell room dividers and can help you with marketing this service.
  4. Any inquiries we receive from your area will be sent straight to you (at no cost).
  5. You don't need to fork out thousands of dollars to get started.
  6. We don't offer exclusivity but we are only contacting businesses like yours that could easily offer this service as part of your existing offerings.
  7. There is no minimum order but its a good idea to carry some stock otherwise you will be constantly paying for shipping.

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