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A100 Sliding Wing Wall

Room Dividers Made Easy, With Bottom Rolling Sliding Doors


Our wing wall system are sliding panels that stack at one end of the exterior of the opening against an existing wall. The wing walls can cover very large openings then can stack to the side for maximum clearance.

Door Panels

You can customise the door panels by splitting them using our connecting rail system with many options to choose from.


In most cases the wing wall installation requires a square set plaster ceiling (no curved cornice) and no base skirting board to function correctly.

Boundary Conditions
Opening Max. Dimensions3000mm height (up to 4500mm with light panel applications) - any width sections of up to 5000mm
Max. Dimensions Of Individual Doors1300mm in width or for light doors not exceeding 50kg the door width can be incresed to 20000mm and the height to 4500mm.
UsageMedium to high frequency
Overlap40mm Panel Overlap
ClearanceApprox. 95%
Maximum Weight50kgs
Panel Thickness4mm to 10mm
sliding wing wall
4 Track Wing Wall
a100 wing wall 2 panels
a100 sliding wing wall 2 panels
a100 wing wall 3 panel
a100 sliding wing wall 3 panels
a100 wing wall 4 panels
a100 sliding wing wall 4 panels
A100-Track Side-View
A100 Side View