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Panel & Insert Finishes

Choosing the right finish and design for your room divider frames and inserts is important to fit in with your new or existing decor.

You can choose a glass insert or break up your room divider with a combination of melamine and glass. The choices are limitless. When choosing a panel type colour, the amount of light and privacy need to be considered.

Our standard room divider frame comes in natural anodised aluminium and is our most popular choice.

The next most popular colour is powder coated black satin but you can choose any colour or woodgrain finish (see below).

We can match your existing window frame colours with your room divider frames.

Panel Inserts & Frame Combinations

panel insert configurations

Woodgrain & Solid Colour Panel Insert Choices

Glass Finishes

Woodgrain Frame Finishes

Our woodgrain finishes for your room divider frames come in a variety of colours to choose from. Below you will find the Native Australian range.

There are over a 100 colours available. Let Leigh know if you want to see more!

Powder Coating Frames

As mentioned above our standard colour for the room divider frames is natural anodised aluminium but there are many colours available including the popular black satin.

Talk to Leigh Robinson today regarding your colour choices.

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