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Installation Guide

There are a number of different factors that go into choosing the right type of sliding door for your room divider or wardrobe.

Weight Of The Door

This will determine the size of an individual door. If a single door becomes too heavy then it may need to be divided into two doors. Each of our systems has a weight limit so the door tracking operation is not compromised.

Width Of The Opening

Coverage of your opening will determine the most appropriate system for your application. Often smaller openings can be threshold free which means no bottom track. If your are looking for wardrobe doors then there are more options available.

Installing Your Door

We have tracking systems options for your installation depending on your situation.

Fixing your door to your ceiling may require a bulkhead to lower the door slightly to avoid the cornice. A bulkhead is also useful for installing a track if your ceiling is difficult to access. We would also need to install a "door jam" (usually 18mm) to avoid your skirting board at the bottom of the door so the door closes properly.

Many ceilings are simply plasterboard and they can hold a guide track but no weight. In many cases a bulkhead, being stronger, can also solve this issue.

If your ceiling is plasterboard then most of the weight will be on the bottom track with a guide track at the top.

In most cases where a bottom track is installed it doesn't impede the opening so you and your family won't trip over it when walking through the opening.

room divider install
finioshed install
Room divider installed
cutting the cornice
Cutting the cornice for the bulkhead install
cutting the skirting board
Installing the door jam
bulkhead install
Installing a bulkhead
Installed bulkhead, door jam & track
Bulkhead Installed
Finished bulkhead install