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Office Systems

If you are looking to create a room inside a room or divide a large area up into individual offices our door systems work perfectly for this application.

With light weight top guides and strong bottom rails our door systems can be installed in most existing office spaces.

creating a corner room
Wall systems dividers closed
Office divider open

Working From Home

Our room divider and sliding door systems are perfect if you are looking to work from home and need to divide up a space in a room or garage.

We have even installed sliding doors that "hide" an office set up for when you aren't working.

Our room dividers are fantastic for creating a "room inside a room" to isolate an area for working in with fixed panels and sliding panels.

office sliding door

Hospitality (AirBNB)

We have installed room dividers in Air BNB accommodation especially where large spaces need dividing up. This gives the AirBNB owner the opportunity to advertise these options especially for large families or groups that need flexibility when renting a property.

The properties can be open-planned during the day and closed off at night time.

Also note you can boost your AirBNB revenue by having extras beds or install a wall bed - we supply them too!

In the photos below you will see a room divider that also matches the wall bed.

wall bed