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3 Types Of Popular Room Dividers Uses

Permanent Room Dividers Which ever type of room you want to enclose we have three types of room dividers to suit any need. There is a close relationship between a sliding door and a room divider that I’ll explain later. Just remember though these are not a room partition or a portable piece of furniture. … Read more

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3 Room Dividers Solutions

Room Dividers Are Rare! Room dividers that close off rooms and are large in nature appear to be a rare product here in Victoria. There are a mountain of choices regarding partitions and no end to normal door options but room dividers not so much. Our room dividers and room divider hardware are designed and … Read more


Sliding Doors Vs Room Dividers

Room Dividers or Sliding Doors Is A Difficult Google Search My poor SEO expert is struggling with the difference between room dividers and sliding doors. In many cases from the products we provide there is very little difference. If you search for “room dividers” you normally come up with partitions or temporary room dividers. If … Read more


Custom Room Divider Installation In Geelong

Custom Made Room Dividers and Sliding Doors We recently installed various sliding doors and room dividers into a great property in Geelong. This was a brand new build with a view to die for. The main balcony looked over Geelong city right to the bay. The installation included: A sliding door that divided the theatre … Read more


Room Dividers or Partitions Or Screens

When I do a Google Search for room dividers many times partitions and temporary walls come up in the results. The partitions are sometimes on wheels or fixed to a desk or are free standing and not always at room height. Even folded away screens pop up and these are not the type of room … Read more

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Room Dividers Explained

Room Dividers – A Permanent Feature Searching the web room dividers can easily be divided into a number of different types. There are room dividers that are really partitions and in most cases movable and room dividers that divide a room but have no noise reduction or temperature control abilities. Partitions can get quite large … Read more

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Feng Shui

Room Dividers & Feng Shui Feng Shui originated in China thousands of years ago. Wikipedia describes Feng Shui as a pseudoscience (I know it can be construed as a bit woo-woo) with the term translated in English to mean wind-water. In the West Feng Shui has been explained as “a system of laws considered to … Read more

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5 Reasons To Get A Room Divider

Controlling Your Space With A Room Divider Room dividers are a great way of controlling the layout of your home. The Japanese have been doing this for years with their Shoji screens. Their screens can be taken away to really open up a house in case of a special event like a party or funeral … Read more


Shoji Screens

Shoji Screens: Diffuse light, Control Temperature, Reduce Noise, Increase Privacy Shoji Screens are popular in Japan as a semi-permanent way of altering living space within in a home. It’s quite common for the Shoji screens to be  taken off their railings to allow a room to be larger for funerals, parties and other events or … Read more