Five Sliding Door Tips

5 Things To Watch Out For When Installing A Sliding Door

Installing a sliding door can add style and functionality to your space, but there are several considerations to keep in mind to ensure a successful installation. Some of these things you will need Leigh Robinson to help you with but lets take at look at everything that needs to be considered for a sliding door installation. Here are five things to watch out for:

1. Proper Measurements:

Accurate measurements are crucial for a smooth sliding door installation.
• Measure the opening width and height precisely to ensure the door fits snugly and operates smoothly.
• Take into account any variations in the floor and ceiling levels that could affect the door’s alignment.

2. Leveling and Alignment:

• Sliding doors require precise levelling and alignment to function properly.
• Make sure the tracks and frame are level, both horizontally and vertically, to prevent the door from sticking or jamming.

3. Proper Track Installation:

The track is a critical component of sliding doors. If not installed correctly, it can lead to operational issues.
• Ensure that the track is securely attached to the ceiling or floor, following manufacturer guidelines.
• If installing a bottom track, make sure it’s level and securely anchored.
• Carpet may need cutting for the track. A professional carpet layer will then need to relay and secure the carpet back to the side of the track.

4. Bulk head and jambs:

• A sliding door has to close against something and in most cases it’s a wall with a jamb installed. The jamb is generally to avoid the protruding skirting board.
• A bulkhead serves two purposes – it brings the sliding door below the cornice and also allows a top track to be installed allowing a threshold free installation in your opening. Threshold free means no bottom track is required.

5. Size & Weight:

• If you have a large opening and are using a top track (threshold free) the weight of the doors become an issue. If you’re installing a bottom track this wont be an issue. Leigh can give you the whole rundown on the best sliding door size and finish that may affect your installation.

As you can see although a sliding door installation may seem straight forward and obvious but it is better to get a sliding door expert in to go through your options (Leigh’s our man) and let him also organise specialist installers who know their stuff.

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