How To Choose The Right Room Divider in 5 Easy Steps

How To Choose The Right Room Divider in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you live in Hawthorn in a 100 year old villa or a new build in Armstrong Creek choosing a room divider because you wish to alter the space in your home or office is not that difficult.

There are five main steps

Step One Establishing The Why.

The first thing to establish is why you need the room divider. Is it to deadened the noise of the TV or keep the kids out. Maybe you need the privacy of an enclosed room for work at home zoom meetings. Many times in new homes there are open entertaining areas or second living rooms that are built with no doors. Its great having an open plan most of the time but the kids watching Bluey as loud as they can might just need some managing.

For privacy reasons you may want to shut off a hall way when guests arrive. Obviously there is an issue whether its noise, privacy or even temperature control.

Step Two – The Opening

If your opening is small then its quite straight forward. You might need bi-folding doors or a single panel room divider similar to a sliding door. If however your opening is large then you will have to determine how the doors will stack, open or if you need some fixed panels.  Here the choices expand giving you lots of choices.

Step Three – Bottom or top track

In any opening you need to establish the type of track that will suit you. If you wish to have a threshold free opening the top track will need to do all the work and take the weight of the room divider. Threshold free means there is no visible bottom track. Your opening may need a bulk head to hold the track. (Speak to Leigh if you don’t quite follow what a bulk head is)

Because of size of your opening and the weight of the room divider you may have to have a bottom track installed. This isn’t a bad thing as most bottom tracks only protrude 8mm off your existing floor in a ramp form so you won’t trip or can easily nestle in your carpet.

Again you will need to go over this with Leigh as he will give all the technical information to make sure there is a suitable and successful outcome for you.

Step Four – Frames, inserts, colours and more

A room divider takes upon a substantial “visual space” in your home so its got to match and not feel like an add on. You can choose a coloured frame such as black satin, glass or melamine inserts in various configurations. If you need lots of light you of course would want clear glass inserts or maybe frosted for privacy. These type of choices will be based on your decisions in step one. We had one lady who wanted to cordon off her lounge from the kitchen to deadened the noise but not the light. She opted for clear glass the served her needs perfectly. Another client wanted to close off an ensuite so opted for coloured panels top and bottom with frosted glass in the centre to match the existing colour palette of the bedroom.

Step Five – How To Order

The first thing to do when ordering is contact Leigh with an image and dimensions of your opening. He can then give you an idea  (ball park) on what materials are required for the installers and how much it may cost you. If that sounds good to you Leigh will make a time to meet to go through measuring, advice, colour choices and scheduling. From there an installation date is booked in and 50% deposit paid for production to proceed.

Choosing the right room divider is a delightful journey that requires careful consideration of your space, needs, and personal style. By keeping these key factors in mind—functionality, materials, aesthetics, versatility, and budget—you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision that enhances both the form and function of your home. So go ahead, embark on this quest with an open mind and a discerning eye, and soon enough, you’ll find the divide that brings harmony and balance to your living space.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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