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Shoji Room Dividers


7 Tips For A Shoji Screen & Door Installation

By Leigh Robinson / February 23, 2020

Shoji Doors & Shoji Screens  In Geelong We recently installed Shoji screens and doors in an amazing apartment complex in Mercer Street Geelong. The client wanted to make something of stock standard doors in the apartment but adding a contemporary Asian feel to the apartment. The Shoji screens were manufacture with a wooden frame and … Read more

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shoji room divider

Why A Shoji Screen?

By Leigh Robinson / October 30, 2019

Shoji Screens – A Designers Perspective Often we think of the practicalities when we are decorating, renovating or installing something new in our homes. “We need a big sliding door to shut off one of our rooms because of the noise.” or “We need a room divider because our home is difficult to heat or … Read more

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Shoji Screens

By Leigh Robinson / April 30, 2019

Shoji Screens: Diffuse light, Control Temperature, Reduce Noise, Increase Privacy Shoji Screens are popular in Japan as a semi-permanent way of altering living space within in a home. It’s quite common for the Shoji screens to be  taken off their railings to allow a room to be larger for funerals, parties and other events or … Read more

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