Why A Shoji Screen?

Shoji Screens – A Designers Perspective

Often we think of the practicalities when we are decorating, renovating or installing something new in our homes.

“We need a big sliding door to shut off one of our rooms because of the noise.” or

“We need a room divider because our home is difficult to heat or cool without costing a fortune.”

Whether it is noise, temperature control or privacy these are practical reasons why you need a room divider or large internal sliding door. Another important aspect however is the aesthetic, the look and feel or effect a sliding door may have on you and your home. Many things help to create the right feel or ambience within a room including furniture style & type, plants, decoration, colour, light and more.

This is where a Shoji room divider can help with your home’s desired style and how it can complement your other interior design decisions. With a Shoji screen you can add a modern or contemporary look such as our Asian fusion range or a more traditional look with our Classic Range.

We have discussed our screens with interior designers and they love the Shoji screens because it helps with their projects by adding symmetry, light diffusion and a sense of order and serenity.

Shoji Screens & Their Effect On Your Home

This translates well whether the project is conservative, modern and contemporary or a very tradition design project. Here’s how our supplier describes their Asian fusion and traditional ranges:

“Asian Fusion is a combination of the latest manufacturing techniques and materials with the established aesthetic of traditional Japanese doors and screens. The effect is often a stunning show piece that balances the Eastern sense of order and precision with modern and vogue designs.

What makes the Japanese traditional style so unique is defining vertical timbers running across the face of the unit. This creates a clean, symmetrical effect, giving any space a sense of subtle order and calm.”

Coming up soon we will show you an incredible installation of Shoji Screens completed in a building in Mercer St, in the heart of Geelong.

Check out our gallery here.

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