Geelong & Lara Room Dividers

Geelong, Ocean Grove, Torquay, Lara Is Booming!

For the past three years you can’t help notice that new suburbs, sub divisions  and estates are opening up in the Greater Geelong and Bellarine Peninsular areas.

There is:

These are just a few areas where new houses are being built. You probably drive past them everyday and pay little heed, putting up with the accompanying road works.

Generally these newly built houses are getting bigger in size according to the Commonwealth bank’s  Commsec Home Size Trend Report quoted below:

“The average new house built in Australia in 2019/20 was 235.8 square metres, up 2.9 per cent on the year and the biggest increase in 11 years. The report reveals that not only have Australian houses grown over the past year, so has the size of the average Australian apartment. The size of the average new apartment lifted 6 percent over the past year, hitting a decade high of 136.8 square metres. Overall, the average new home (houses and apartments) built in 2019/20 was 195.8 square metres, up by 3 per cent over the year to a six-year high.”

The report also details how COVID19 has affected how we see our homes and also how they can be better utilised when working from home.

This is where we can help and where we have observed the style of home interiors and layout need additional rethinking. Most homes have large living areas that are open planned, many with two living areas. The key here is “open planned” which many home owners see as a hinderance after living in the home for a short time.

Room dividers and sliding doors and for those looking for a certain  style and design with a Shoji door are being installed as a great solution for the following reasons:

  1. It’s winter now and keeping the whole house warm or open planned areas is difficult and expensive. Watch out for the heating bill!
  2. The biggest issues with working from home and using Zoom for example is the noise and privacy. You don’t want the family walking in on your important meeting with your boss.
  3. Often when the kids in the family get older each family member wants to do their own thing when relaxing so dividing up your family home into separate “relaxing” areas gives everyone a choice.

Remember with the sliding doors and the variety of room dividers your open spaces can still be open but also gives you the choice to shut areas off where necessary. Did I mention that the room dividers and sliding doors can be matched to your original colour schemes so they look like they were deliberately part of your home’s interior design rather than an after thought?

Installing a room divider will only add value to your home so talk to leading room divider Leigh Robinson to go through the choices available or you can fill out our contact form with images of your opening and Leigh will get back to you promptly with some appropriate options.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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