Room Dividers – Choosing The Right One Pt 1


Knowing where to start when you need a room divider or sliding door for your wardrobe can be challenging and there aren’t a lot of choices out there. Today Im going to talk about choosing the right room divider.


Our room dividers work on the face of a wall or within an opening. The tracks can be threshold free if there is enough support with the top track. To work around not having any support we can install a bulkhead or put in a bottom track that your carpet or floor can butt against.

The most important thing we need to know when helping you with a room divider is knowing the opening size and the height we have to work with. From there we can narrow down options. (Our maximum is up to 5 metres with no join in the tracks).

Choosing the type of room divider then depends on whether you want  full access to the opening or partial access. Partial access can mean the doors slide open but you are restricted by one or two full full door widths. To see this visually go to our A100 series sliding bypass page and scroll down to see the animations.

4 door sliding bypass

Normally partial access occurs when there is a bigger opening.

If your opening is quite small you may want to choose a single door (our A500 series)

2 panel symmetrical sliding door

We find most clients want the least amount of doors and this is determined by weight restrictions. Each door type is limited by a weight and in some cases by size depending on the track, hinge and other considerations. We can’t have your door not closing properly or warping or rattling about when in use!

If you’re lucky enough to have room in your wall cavity you could choose a pocket application. Most homes we encountered, unless they are new builds, rarely have the room for pocket doors with most installations being single doors. We also cannot install using a pre-existing pocket in a wall. We either create a pocket for you or its part of a new build design

single panel pocket door

Our “folding end” option is very popular with dividing up a separate space for hiding a laundry, or use to cover a kitchenette of small office area within an existing room. When opened it gives complete access to the area and closes neatly with beautifully designed  bi-folding doors. We are limited to two bi-folding doors – 2400mm in width)

Single + Double panel bi-folding door

Whether you have a large opening or small we have a solution that will suit your needs. Send us the dimensions and a photo and we’ll go through your options including your investment. Remember a room divider adds value to your home with appealing design and functionality. Contact Leigh Robinson today.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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