A Popular Room Divider

One Of Our Most Popular Room Dividers

One of our most popular reasons for a room divider is dividing off a space to create two rooms. This could be up to 5 metres in width or a small room divider under 2 metres. Many times its purely functional whereby noise or privacy is more important than the visual look or interior design aesthetics.

We do provide room dividers that fit this functionality of noise reduction, temperature control or privacy issues but also we choices with the look of the room divider. You can choose a neutral plain look or choose a finish that suits your existing interior or add to your decor by choosing a Shoji door for example.

Most often we have clients choose a neutral look similar to one of our latest installs mentioned below that matches 90% of the decor of the homes we install room dividers in. Another popular “neutral look” is the black sating show here:

black frame sliding doors

Ocean Grove Installation

Here is a classic installation whereby the parents wanted to shut out the noise of the children watching TV by creating a TV room using our room dividers.

room divider before shiot


room divider closed


room divider ajar

Installation Notes:

  • There are 3 doors giving two thirds access
  • A bulkhead was installed with two door jambs
  • Overall size or area the door covers is height 2424mm x width 2787mm.
  • They chose a natural anodised aluminium, Hudson style frame finish.
  • With 6.38mm White Laminated Translucent glass inserts.

It took two senior tradesmen 4 hours to install and now the parents can get some peace.


Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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