Room Divider Buying Guide 2023

How To Choose The Right Room Divider

Most of us are not interior designers or builders or have the faintest clue about their respective expertise so we just wing it. With room dividers we have put this guide together for you to get you thinking about the best way of solving your room issues. Most people want to fix temperature control issues, reduce noise or improve privacy or a combination so that is where choosing a room divider begins.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Room Divider

Factor #1 – Size

The size of your opening is the first thing to consider when looking at installing a room divider. If you have a smaller opening you may be able to choose a room divider that has no bottom track such as the A500 single sliding

a500 sliding single

or the A500 sliding bypass.

a500 sliding bpass 2pan

If it suits your opening you could also choose A800 folding end. If you have the wall space you could choose to install a pocket wall.


A800 multiple folding end doors


If your opening is large its a good idea to have fixed panels or sliding bypass configuration especially if you don’t need a huge opening.

Our A100 series is a popular choice here especially if your opening is huge.

a100 sliding wing wall 4 panels

The size of your opening comes back to functionality and how you are using you space.

Factor #2 – Bottom Track or No Track

Our bottom track system (A100 series) is for larger doors and where we can’t add a bulkhead that can successfully take the weight of the door or roof access is limited. (Check out our installation guide here). In this case a guide top track is installed that doesn’t take the weight of the door.

The bottom track is still only 8mm in height and barely registers when walking through the threshold.

Our top hung system requires no track (A500 series) and is a popular choice for most homes.

Factor #3 – Style & Colours

With most of our room dividers you can have different coloured panels, frosted or clear glass options, frame colour options that match your existing window frames. There is an abundant of style choices to choose from that should align with your house interior design and decor. For most homes we suggest lighter colours so you don’t feel hemmed in and where possible use a laminated glass finish to let in light. Darker room dividers are usually installed in professional offices and hotels.

One popular choice is our Shoji door range to give you a contemporary Asian feel to your home if that appeals.

Factor #4 – Installation

Organising your room divider installation is quite straight forward. Allow approximately 6-8 weeks to book in the installation. Let us know any access issues or parking restrictions and we’ll get it installed with a minimum of fuss with our qualified installers.

Factor #5 – Your Next Steps

If you are interested in getting a room divider installed the first thing we need is the size of your opening and an image sent to Leigh so he can firstly advise on your best options and type of room divider and also give you an estimation on costs.

Treat your room divider as an asset to your home and you’ll have control of room temperature, noise and privacy for years to come.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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