Room Dividers Explained

Room Dividers – A Permanent Feature

Searching the web room dividers can easily be divided into a number of different types. There are room dividers that are really partitions and in most cases movable and room dividers that divide a room but have no noise reduction or temperature control abilities.

Partitions can get quite large and exhibit noise reduction but usually lack temperature control as they are mostly used in open planned environments.

Our room dividers can be installed in three different configurations. As internal doors that slide inside frame opening, cavity sliders and external sliding doors face mounted to the wall. (with only a top track there is nothing to trip over). These are normally permanent fixtures and are designed to fit in or enhance your existing decor.

Apartments, Flats, Studios & Open Planned Housing

The room dividers we provided become part of your home’s fixtures and fittings  as they are not the sort of installation item that you would change or move in any way.

Many times we have installed room dividers that may not open up areas of a home but act more as a wall to cover areas such as laundries or storage areas and are immovable. The room dividers are versatile and don’t take up as much room as your normal studded wall may.

Other room divider installations have been commissioned to close off home theatre areas to reduce the noise and control light.

Our room dividers add to your home’s aesthetic and may even add to the value of your home. The ideal scenario is to give you choices or to improve your home to suit your needs.

As reach-in wardrobe sliding doors you can add mirrors and replace poorer quality sliding doors that most people have. Our sliding doors are similar to our room dividers in quality and finishing options. (We also can help with reach in wardrobe accessories – you can check out our wardrobe website here)

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Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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