Room Dividers or Partitions Or Screens

When I do a Google Search for room dividers many times partitions and temporary walls come up in the results. The partitions are sometimes on wheels or fixed to a desk or are free standing and not always at room height. Even folded away screens pop up and these are not the type of room dividers we supply.

I’ll just go through our room dividers so its clear to you what our room dividers actually are as a product.

Here’s a list of 7 things that distinguish our room dividers

  1. Our room dividers are quite like large sliding doors that are fixed to your wall.
  2. You can choose the finish to match your decor whether its a wood grain finish, mirrored or solid colour.
  3. The room divider guides are at the top so you won’t trip over any tracking.
  4. The size of your room divider can be as big as your existing wall.
  5. The acoustic properties help control sound but also control the room temperature when the dividers are closed.
  6. We have Shoji screens and dividers that can add a contemporary or Asian influence to a room.
  7. You can completely divide a room off changing the dynamics of any given area.

We have installed room dividers in AirBnbs, smaller apartments and large lounge room areas. Our room dividers can be for commercial use as well such as hotels, kindergartens and schools.

As far as Google search goes sliding doors is another confusing set of results as it could me sliding patio doors or normal house doors that slides.

Our sliding doors again are custom made and can also be installed in reach in wardrobes. This means they are a large room divider or sliding door to cover a large area.

If this is the type of room divider you need then contact Leigh Robinson Ph: 0412 525 137

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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