3 Room Dividers Solutions

Room Dividers Are Rare!

Room dividers that close off rooms and are large in nature appear to be a rare product here in Victoria. There are a mountain of choices regarding partitions and no end to normal door options but room dividers not so much. Our room dividers and room divider hardware are designed and manufactured specifically for the job rather than a cabinet maker making do with what they can source and there aren’t many supplying what we can.

Here are three installation examples that use our exclusive room dividers complete with their choice of finishes.

Bedroom & Bathroom Sliding Doors

The great thing about room dividers is they can be any size from a small doorway size up to almost 3 metres in length. We have installed our room dividers as sliding doors on wardrobes, bathrooms and small apartment dwellings. As our room dividers have no need for a bottom track (something you could easily trip over)  they are perfect for foot traffic and won’t mess up your beautiful Greek Island tiles or rare Tasmanian oak wooden floor.


Large Room Dividers

Modern houses seem to favour “living” areas and many times these are open planned. This can get noisy with the TV blaring and the karaoke volume full bore. If these “living areas” could be temporarily shut off to save your nerves this could be a god send. This keeps your home flexible and allows a breezy open air feel. If you do feel like watching Terminator 3 with the volume turned up you won’t affect everyone else in your home as much if you can close off the offending noise with a room divider.


Room Within a Room & A Bi-folding Door Option

Most room dividers are there to close off rooms but we can also close off spaces within a room. We recently installed a room divider to close off a home office space and bifolding doors to close off a kitchenette. You don’t want visitors seeing your confidential office work or dishes piling up in your kitchen sink either. We have also used our room dividers to close of a “European Laundry”. Who wants to look at a washing machine every time they walk around their apartment? A room divider is a great option to dividing up one room into smaller spaces especially if it looks classy and matches the existing decor.


You could change your home’s dynamics using room dividers, don’t get me started with Shoji Screens they do the same thing but with a different look and feel. Call me today if you need to discuss dividing up your home or a single room. Ph: 0412 525 137

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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