Sliding Doors Vs Room Dividers

Room Dividers or Sliding Doors Is A Difficult Google Search

My poor SEO expert is struggling with the difference between room dividers and sliding doors. In many cases from the products we provide there is very little difference.

If you search for “room dividers” you normally come up with partitions or temporary room dividers. If you search for “sliding doors” often the search results are normal sized doors that slide. These two results don’t really affect a space the way our room dividers and sliding doors do.

Large Room Dividers

Below you can see a large room divider.


Our room dividers normally close off large spaces (or divide a room up) and our sliding doors divide off smaller spaces. Our room dividers and most of our sliding door range don’t have a bottom track or they can be described as threshold free.

Smaller Sliding Doors

Here’s an example of a sliding door in an apartment (a recent installation).


SMALL sliding door

To confuse matters even further many of our room dividers or sliding doors can be used with walk in wardrobes or reach in wardrobes. The advantage here is matching room dividers, smaller sliding doors and wardrobe doors so they retain the look that you want for any room.

The great thing about our room dividers is being able to choose the finish you desire from a simple large white door right through to a Shoji door or room divider to give you a contemporary or slightly Asian feel to your room interior design.

This is how our Canadian friends describe their sliding doors.

This room design flexibility does not show well in the search engine results. In fact the search results don’t reflect the dividing up of a space that’s permanent or creating two distinct and separate areas from each other by using room dividers.

We are going to change this! Contact Leigh if you need more room divider or sliding door clarification. Ph: 0412 525 137

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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