5 Room Divider Installs Pt 1

Five Installations Examples – Melbourne & Geelong.

Many times our installations are for simple privacy reasons or noise, heating and cooling control. On the outside looking in they all seem fairly simple in concept and for us the installation (especially in newer properties is quite straight forward.

This is how it should be for a successful sliding door or room divider installation. Here we have some installations that might resonate with what you may require in your home. These include our A100, A500 & A800 Systems in action.

Installation#1 – Stylish Black Satin Framed Room Divider

This client required closing off an upstairs  bedroom to a hallway for sound, heating and privacy. an A800 folding end was installed with a black satin frame and clear glass inserts. Note the room divider has no bottom track leaving the carpet in tact.

sliding door installed

Installation #2 -Two  Fixed – Two Sliding

This home office required shutting off from the rest of the family home for a professional who worked regularly from home. This has become widely popular where entertaining areas or second lounges are converted into home offices but they need a certain amount of privacy and noise control.

This installation in natural anodised aluminium contains two sliding doors in the middle with two fixed room dividers either side. The white translucent inserts allow for visual privacy but let in plenty of light. This is a great example of our A100 series with a bottom roller a taking the weight and a bulkhead installed to help guide the sliding doors. Door jambs were also required to make the room divider fit snuggly in the opening.

room divider with two sliding doors


Installation #3 – Another Home Office Installation

Another good example of the A100 series in action but this time with a recessed track installed allowing for the carpet. Its worthy to note that if a track is cut into the carpet a professional carpet layer will need to re-stretch and reattach the carpet next to the track. Again this installed has a natural anodised aluminium frame with translucent glass.

home office sliding doors

A bulkhead and door jambs were also installed to avoid the cornice. This is a popular configuration as it allows plenty of light in the room but stops the noise and gives you privacy.

If you are looking for something similar to what you have seen then contact Leigh Robinson here. Upload a few shots from your phone with measurements. Also check out our gallery and previous installations to give you some design and colour options.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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