Glass Sliding Doors: 7 Install Tips

Glass Sliding Doors – 7 Tips To A Great Install

Most of our inquiries are glass sliding doors as they offer noise and temperature control but also let in natural light. Couple with frosting and your get privacy as well.

This is perfect for homes that have areas you want to block off but you don’t want to turn your house into a cave.

Here are our 7 tips to a perfect install.

  1. You have an opening that you wish to shut off but have the options of being open as well. The tip here is to determine how big you want the opening and whether you want some parts of the opening as fixed panels.
  2. The next step is to look at how the doors will open and be stored to the side and there are plenty of options here. The most complex would be the pocket wall where the doors are hidden inside the wall. This will require space but also a separate builder/carpenter to create the pocket for the doors. This choice is normally reserved for new buildings where architects can include a pocket wall. You could have walls closing to one side or have two fixed panels with two doors closing behind the fix panels. Door storage is definitely something to research to best suit your situation.
  3. The next important criteria of your glass sliding door is the track. Depending on the structure of your opening there is the choices of a top hung system with no bottom track (threshold free) or a bottom track system that can take the weight if there is no real top support. In this case there is a top track that acts as a guide only. Without getting too complicated here its best to talk to Leigh Robinson and he will advise of which track type will work the best.
  4. Another issue we rarely come across, but you must understand, is making sure the glass sliding doors have a jamb or a place to close next to. You cant really have a door floating by itself it needs to close against the side of a wall to function correctly.
  5. With a glass sliding door the finish is important and we have a number of choices (here) to make sure your finish matches your need. You may require a half strip of frosted glass or a full white block out, it depends on your need and how much you can want to see into your opening. Remember that with a glass sliding door you can still get varying degrees of light entering into your closed off room  depending on the finish.
  6. The next thing on the list is the frame work of the glass door. At no extra cost you can get a natural aluminium colour that blends in with almost any home decor or you can match the colour with your window frames or any other interior design elements. We have found the black satin finish to extremely popular but you could choose wood grain if you wished.
  7. Our last tip with using glass is how much more functional it is compared to wooden doors. You can let in light, easily clean the glass and the doors won’t warp or squeak. Plus with our system you get a plethora of configuration choices including soft closing.

If you are thinking about closing off an area in your home and wish to use glass sliding doors then in summary there are four things to consider

  1. Your opening (limitations & building structure)
  2. Functionality
  3. Amount of light
  4. Aesthetic/how it matches your existing decor

Call our glass sliding expert, Mr Leigh Robinson Ph: 0412 525 137 – he will spill the beans on the perfect install.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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