Room Divider Costs?

How Much Does A Room Divider Cost?

This is by far the most common question we get asked by clients and fair enough, everyone has a budget. We don’t want to be too vague here but explaining the variables will help you break down where all the costs are assigned.

When quoting on a room divider there are these things to consider:


The size of your opening – obviously the bigger the opening, more materials are required and this is reflected in your quote.



The panel inserts can be melamine or glass or a combination and how many are required to fully cover your opening requirements.


The cost of your room divider frame plus the finish whether its natural anodised aluminium (our standard finish at no extra cost) or powder coated colours or wood grained which adds to the final cost.

(Remember, in most cases we can match your window frame colour which is a popular interior design option)


Installation costs depend on the type of room divider you choose and your home. The more complex an installation the more costs involved. Here are a few points we need to consider:

– We look for easy roof access if you wish to have no bottom track.
– Do we need to install a bulkhead to support a top rack or get below your existing cornice.
– Do you have carpets or a tiled floor if a bottom track is required.
– We need to account for door jambs so the doors close properly and skirting boards don’t get in the way
– Is your opening nice and square. (this can be an issue for older homes)

As you can see the variables are many and we have to make sure everything is considered for an accurate quote and a successful outcome.

Don’t forget that a room divider can add value to your home and is worthwhile if its provided a much needed service to your living arrangments and home office.

Our current lead times for installation are up to 8 weeks to be blamed on COVID giving you plenty of time to work out exactly what you want and organise your budget.

Call our room divider guru, Leigh Robinson for a free measurement and quote after you have emailed an image of your opening with your measurements and contact details.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

Contact Leigh for a free measure and quote.
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