Five Tips Before Installation

Five Top Tips Before You Get A Room Divider Installed

Getting a room divider installed is of course a great convenience to you whether it’s creating a home office, dividing a room in two or improving what you already have installed. Here are five things to consider before installation.

  1. The first thing to do is check out our website on the different types of room dividers available and the closing options. If you’re after a stock standard room divider and you aren’t bothered with the aesthetic or you would love a Shoji door with a contemporary Asian finish we have got you covered.
  2. The next thing we need are the measurements and an image of the opening where you require a room divider. This will give us an opportunity to give you a rough quote on costs and see any issues that might be apparent from the get go. This will save both of us time and energy if you decide you don’t wish to proceed.
  3. From an installation perspective we have to determine:
    – whether you need door jambs (the side of the doors) so the doors close properly.
    – is a a bulkhead required to run the tracks along the top of the room divider.
    – do we have to cut into carpet to lay a bottom guide track?(if so a carpet layer will have to come and re-stretch the carpet.)
    – is the area square and what do we need to do to make sure the room divider fits and works properly.
    – is there any finishing work such as painting or plastering necessary (this is a separate service the owner will need to organise).
    – is there a floating floor or cornices or skirting we have to cut into (we will explain this to you if you wish to proceed to the next step.
  4. Next is an onsite measure where we take into consideration all of the factors mentioned and give you a more accurate quote.
  5. We then send an invoice for 50% deposit on the work and schedule in a time for installation. Be aware, due to COVID 19 we are playing catch up with installation so there are delays that we are working through.

Even though the list may seem simple, from our experience, every one has something slightly different that needs attention. The good news is our room dividers are custom made so many of the variants are covered. You can get a room divider installed that matches your existing decor making it a solid future investment for your home.

Before Installation Examples

Here’s an example of a job we are working through:

The client wants to create a home office so there is an entrance door, a matching side panel and folding doors to the front (see where the ladders is in front of the desk on the second image)

entrance and side panel

front desk ladder


Next is a small home office that needs folding doors to replace existing, cumbersome wooden doors.

home office room divider before shot

The last example is a client looking to install some visually pleasing Shoji doors to divide up living areas.

shoji screen install before shot

We will be showing you the results in later articles but this should give you a better understanding of the “before” installation process.

Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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