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How To Setup A Home Office – Room Dividers To The Rescue

For many people setting up a home office has been brought on by COVID 19 and as we have seen this has created a few issues with people’s home and available space.

The main issues have been noise from other family members and privacy for those important phone calls and Zoom meetings.

As the restrictions have eased we have done many quotes with people wanting to cordon off an area with a room divider or create an office space with fixed and sliding doors.

Below is an example of a living area that has been converted to an office.

home office door opening

You could easily build a door frame here and put a standard door in place but this may look odd, take a lot more time and effort and cost far more.

That’s where our room dividers come to the rescue. In most cases a room divider can be installed in a matter of hours, they can easily match your decor and work well at decreasing disruptive noise and giving you the privacy your work demands.

Here is the finished product:


Here is another example of a before shot where a builder is creating a cavity for one of our room dividers to slide into.

You can see the builder is having to extend the existing right hand wall so both walls in the opening line up.  (We don’t provide the service the builder here is providing, this has been organised by the home owner). This job is currently in production but again another home office conversion.


We encounter many homes that have open planned living areas that are now being converted to home offices and typically that means we have to insert a bulk head (an additional top section for a track to run on) and door jambs either side so the room divider can close properly and the cornice and skirting don’t get in the way.

In most cases its not that disruptive and your home office will be turned into a quiet, effective work place.

Call Leigh Robinson for advice and quote but its always best to measure the opening and send Leigh an image making it quicker to quote on your conversion.

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Yes, we also do wall beds and walk in/reach in wardrobes

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